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Questions about kitchen aid mixers

Questions about kitchen aid mixers

Consumers firstly consider safety when choosing a food mixer, and safety is also divided into several aspects.

Is the motor waterproof?

The water is the biggest fear of old motors. The food mixers of mainstream brands are waterproof. If the cup is not tightened, the liquid leaks into the machine, will it burn? Will it get an electric shock? Then pour some water in, and the water will come out from below. Is the motor damaged? Is it electric shock? These are all testing the waterproof performance of the motor.

Why do motors need thermal protection?

The function of overheating protection is to prevent the motor from overheating and cause serious damage such as burning of the machine under abnormal working conditions.

The overheating protection device not only has the function of protecting the motor, but also can enhance the working life of the motor.

Is it safe to use?

Check whether the food processor is equipped with a built-in switch (not a switch like the one on a TV, but an invisible switch), and whether the machine will work if the blade is placed on the host alone. Even if consumers forget to shut down, whether the built-in overheating protection device can automatically cut off the power supply is safe and convenient for daily use.

Why use food grade plastic?

The so-called “food-grade” plastics are those that can be in direct contact with food. Plastics are the most commonly used substances in daily life. Substandard or pollution is common. Therefore, it is important to choose the motor of the food mixer as is the plastic parts.

Secondly, consumers should pay attention to the speed of the motor when purchasing.

Ordinary motors normally run at 8000-9000 revolutions per minute, and better ones have 12000 revolutions, while those using foreign technology can reach 23000-26000 revolutions. At this speed, fruit  flesh and fruit juice can be beaten very finely. , So that you can’t drink it at all, even 4 to 5 months old children can suck with a bottle. Consumers should also pay attention to the fact that the speed is not as fast as possible, but also to pay attention to noise. The faster the rotation, the more vigorous the shaking.


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