Our Culture

Our Culture

Quality first, Customer top priority, Win-win cooperation.Our philosophies are built on a set of goals. Run by a group of well-experienced management and technical professionals.


To sustain a corporate culture characterized by strong spirit of teamwork, encouraging members to work hand-in -hand to continuous improvement and innovation.


To be recognized as a vendor of choice of renowned brand names in the electric household appliance field by providing the highest quality products with the best value at all times.


To value the diversity of talents of our workforce and to help them share in the company's success which they make possible through our dedicated efforts in training and staff development.


Contact: Sammy Fu

Phone: +86 18681059348

E-mail: sales3@cheftronic.com

Add: 5-4, Tianxinhu Street, Jiujiangshui, Changping Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China

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